May 282018

Through this website, I will provide you a number of recipes that you at some point in your life might have considered “bland” or even “tasteless”! I am going to break this general notion that healthy food has to be tasteless! In fact, eating healthy or adapting a healthy lifestyle does not need you to bring drastic changes, all it needs is a little bit of planning and a little bit of consistency in maintaining the habit. Since we are going to work this out together, I will take care of the planning while you have to take care of the consistency. With consistency, I mean your mindset and willpower to follow this habit of sticking through the plan of prepping your “healthy” meals.

Before following a plan, what you have to understand is your meal plan is determined by a number of factors: your body weight/type, your life roles, your lifestyle and your health goal.

Although I shall be talking about all such plans in my forthcoming posts, I want to give you a set of meal recipes that you already can start with and tell me how you feel about it!

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