So, let’s get started with food!

Through this website, I will provide you a number of recipes that you at some point in your life might have considered “bland” or even “tasteless”! I am going to break this general notion that…Continue Reading

Bland or Balanced Diet?

Diet is one of the major contributors of a healthy living! As often as it said, “healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, the importance of diet has increasingly gained pique over the last few…Continue Reading

Lentil Quinoa Soup

This soup is one of my favorites! It is a perfect blend of carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers from lentils, the goodness of quinoa as a rich source of proteins, fibers, and fats; iron from spinach, protein…Continue Reading

Tomato Kale Soup

Serves: 2 Ingredients : Whole ripe tomatoes (two – medium sized) Vegetable/Chicken broth (24-32 ozs/3-4 cups) Kale leaves (two large leaves) Dried basil (two pinches) Dried thyme (two-three pinches) Fresh garlic (two cloves) Fresh key…Continue Reading

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